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Nybble protogen, at the makers show and tell! I fell in love with this character 😄
#CFz2019 #furry #confuzzled

Had one aim this morning, to tidy up my desk at work. It's now lunch time and it's got more stuff on then when I came in. :thisisfine:

Tomorrow evening can't come soon enough.
Off work until June with CFz in the middle of it!

Past couple of weeks have been busy and somewhat stressful. :possum_rawr:

If you see something that doesn't look right, text the British Transport Police on 61016. We'll sort it.

See it, say it, sorted.

ukpol, satire 

dfgsg /dsa/jmgl;kasdjglk;jasg this comic is so fucking good

Mainly because by that point I'm supposed to be nearly at the stop to get off the bus, instead of waiting to get on one.

Not exactly happy that my bus sailed past me as I was reaching the bus stop this morning. Had to walk about half an hour to the next nearest stop I could use to get to work. :possum_rawr:

My back is rather hurty today. Hoping it's just a one day thing...

So, today was a fun day. Had to write and configure a very custom computer monitoring solution for an edge case.

Was expecting that I would need to spend more time working on it at home this evening, but managed to smash it out on time!
Feeling quite proud with it now. :possum_rawr:

This next week is going to be interesting...

lksjhfd australian ravens have these big goofy googly eyes i love them so much

You might already know me if you followed @derpcorgi (instance offline). Had a change of sona and a hiatus from the fedi. I was also at #nfc2019 this year ^^

Have some cute art!
Credit: Orlando Fox, Pap3r Dragon, Paco Panda

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