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with that in mind, we ask that everyone avoid public subtooting/vagueposting about individuals, and to take care when metaposting.

related to this, remember that you have many ways to control what you see. if someone posts something that isn’t against the rules, but that you don’t like or don’t enjoy yourself, you have the tools here to mute, unfollow or block that content or user. use them if you need them!

Hello Fediverse! I'm going to be working on creating a Mastodon app this semester for my software engineering course, and I'd like to gather some feedback on user experiences with your current applications. This way, my group can focus in on key features to include for our initial builds!

While there's not yet concrete plans to work on it past the end of the semester, there is interest among the group to do so, and the code will be made open source once "finished."

cat, im a kitty cat, and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance


Your toot ran into a problem and needs to boost.

Reportedly, in Tokyo, local gangs have started using drones to transport drugs across the city.

In response, the police are using net-carrying drones to try to capture these packets mid-air.

The gangs are counter-attacking with their own net-drones to try and drop police drones.

In a statement with the Tokyo police, they say they "Haven't had this much fun in years"

a coworker suggested this sign I was making for our meeting room TV didn’t have enough WordArt

little did he know I keep a Windows 2000 Professional VM with Publisher 97 installed and ready to go for just such an occasion

(this might be the hardest I’ve called a bluff ever)

proposed laptop sticker, boost if you think it's worth me tidying up and printing #serverless #snark

My GBC came in, and I got a copy of Pokémon Crystal for Christmas! This is gonna be my stress relief for a bit

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