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Google: we're going to provide real-time 4K 60fps graphics over the internet and the controller will connect directly to our servers

also Google: can't stream a 480p 30fps video that was uploaded a week ago without horrible buffering

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person 1: you're cuter
person 2: no, you're cuter
person 1: no, YOU are the cutest person
person 2: you are MUCH cuter than me

me: please stop arguing. I can solve this for you

me: [looks at person 1 and person 2]

me: I cannot solve this for you, sorry

1080p panels were a mistake
I can't see any difference in the 14" form but getting software to not be teeny-tiny is just so much of a PITA

want to know true pain?
try having a screen scale factor of 1.7 on Linux

I'm planning on writing a blog post about this but have some pics of yesterday's arduino mucking-about

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"why are all my OBS recordings so fuckin big"

*looks at output settings*

*notices an extra zero at the end of the bitrate i tried to set*

yep, that would do it

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im on my desktop for the first time since coming home and there he is!! im so proud....

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when a furry sneezes the sound it makes is achuwu send toot

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YOU: dinosaurs honked like geese? that sounds lame
ME [sneaks into your house in the middle of the night and plays the sound of a goose honking, slowed down by a factor of five, through a set of giant speakers in your basement]

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I'm not here to bash Google, I'm here to say:

Consider whether you actually need a URL shortener. Using them in any kind of long-lived document (or even a toot if you leave yours up) makes them more fragile.

There might be a need for them in some contexts where input is confined, or if you expect someone to have to type in the link manually, but overall they're best avoided if you don't specifically need them. Not only are they fragile, but they remove whatever information about where a link might lead that the URL would provide.

If a link is TOO long, consider cutting off all the UTM metadata or other tracking information that doesn't serve to locate the content.

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I can't even... the cat made a little blanket fort and only her ears stick out!

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thanos: finally, i have the infinity stones
me: cronch
thanos: noo don't eat them
me: too late :ablobcatangel:

and then there was no more fighting, and all the girls in the MCU got married to each other and started a big lesbian commune

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me: i want to be a magical girl

positive self-talk internal monologue i've been training for almost a decade in and out of therapy: but holly the magic has been inside you all alo-

me: no you dingus i literally want magical powers and a transformation sequence into a pretty, excessively frilly battle outfit...... thanks tho c:

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pro tip for trans girls: map out the choreography of a magical girl transformation sequence, shoot pictures of it for a frame each month, edit it together, most epic transition timeline achieved

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