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@monorail I didn't get this at first, but I always appreciate jokes involving CPU instructions so

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did you know that opcode 0xF1 on the Z80 CPU is the instruction you use when something is very soda

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time for the Local Ads From Somewhere Far, Far Away From You

that first program ad had fursuiters and guys kissing, maybe I should try visiting Austria


lesson somewhat learnt: avermedia are not afraid to use weird chips, research before buying

anyone have any friends in linuxtv? I seem to have got extremely unlucky with my capture card buying decisions, but based on the wiki there is at least one other person involved with linuxtv who has a similar card to mine

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I'm used to the world of USB where there are standards for video capture so 99% of devices work out of the box
but linux has legit no idea what to do with this card

new HDMI capture card arrived! gave it a little clean and it seems to work great.
no linux driver.

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doge backwards? e-god. what does this mean for our society?

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Science better let me grow a tail pretty darn soon, it's unacceptable that I'm tailless right now.

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My job description is just "I take buttons the UI people created and I make it so you can click on them. This process can take ten hours if the button is especially unruly. For a large application I do this for hundreds of hours."

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@robinsyl emojipedia, of all places, had an interesting take on the whole thing. according to them, most of apple's gendering decisions were about keeping emoji from previous sets with consistent meaning. so a nice pixelart set they used in the 90s has "person" look girlish? default is girl now.
that's Microsoft-level backward compat BS, though I'm not sure how they needed to maintain compat with pre-unicode things

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