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backstreet boys: lemme tell you about the phone call that changed my destiny
me: oo! changed your destiny... long-lost family member? MI5 recruiter? scholarship offer?
backstreet boys: I had a one-night stand and my partner broke up with me
me: ...oh, ok

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i fucking forgot about lonk for a bit until that joke and now i'm just fucking laughing about lonk from pennsylvania y'all

I will personally keep master's best posts alive. it is my mission

boosting posts off a dead server like nobody's buisiness

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Some people have a girlfriend
Some people have a boyfriend
I have a platypus controlling me, he's underneath the table
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you could say "my heart's not in it" about anything but your ribcage. ideally, that is

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that's a fine gender ya got there... would be a shame if someone transed it >;3c

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@monorail ash@heyquark.com (I'm very proud since it's the same as my email)

@monorail ...I don't actually know how to add someone do I need to do anything

@monorail ..?
also do you wanna add me on xmpp I always felt it's more reliable for realtime talk

@monorail I... assume so? I haven't worked with CBHC source but it makes sense; CBHC will show the menu but pure Haxchi will only boot HBL

@monorail hmm, since you didn't touch the installer you should be pretty good, I don't know the cbhc menu system off by heart but as long as you can still hit the system menu you shouldn't have a brick risk
it may be worthwhile to test on a system without coldboot, though I don't think the installer actually lets you do that so dw too much

@monorail yeah! that's my big hobby
I'm not actually that knowledgeable about user-facing bits though 😅

@monorail sorry I didn't see this for a while! I am now tho hi hi

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