a blast from the past for my fellow new south walers (whalers?)
this was the standard desktop background for XP machines in NSW schools for a long time. Every dang computer had this!

I hear these days they've got roaming profiles set up so you can actually change it. Wonder if some magic has been lost

me: I'm really happy with my website, been an incremental work over a really long time but I'm proud of how it turned out

@compucat: hey there's this mis-render in chrome and it could be a PITA to fix

also me:

today in website adventures: got a custom-written mastodon timeline widget live!
- avatars off by default to save bandwidth
- parses atom, so no need for a client key
- dupes a template div rather than writing arbitrary HTML, should be extensible for new site designs

how hot is my cpu? it's off, of course.

Some stockpile baby formula, others canned food and bottled water.
My family stockpiles Golden Circle's Pine Coconut juice.
We are prepared. We will survive the summer.

Has to happen to everyone at least once: I've accidentally nuked my rootfs >.<

youtube's music section is top-notch

Silly experiment of the day: Plugged a composite video source into the built-in audio input for my PC, recorded it at the highest samplerate I could muster
After a bit of fiddling in the GIMP importer, I managed to get something that looks like an image

The emblem of frustrated DS, er, "backup users" everywhere

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