furry art, tokifuji, sfw but maybe a bit saucy 

linuxy tech screenshot 

pokemon ultramoon update (light spoilers) 

this is lolserial. first proposed by fail0verflow in 2013 as part of their attempts to get serial communication with the Wii U to aid in hacking.

code to do it just hit the linux-loader repo

fursona fullbody pic 

2014 me, on the other hand? only has one file in my old dropbox music folder, and it's I'll admit I don't go back to it lol

shoutouts to this being something honest-to-god 2013 me thought about using as a youtube channel identity
(image cw: food)

joke violence, youtube comment screencap 

experiment success! old laptop with a very damaged display, tore it down and swapped the panel with one that was 3 years newer from a different (no power) machine entirely. only hope of success was that the datasheets and model numbers looked really similar and
it actually worked! first try!
(psa: ccfl flat panels can run the backlight at up to 2kV, please take precautions!)

light lewd activity, skirts and the underneaths thereof 

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