some of y'all remember I was playing with 3D
my next step was going to be render-to-texture effects (for multi-pass shaders)
but it does this now and I can't figure out why
(blur is from motion; not the bug)

idk if I ever posted this here but before the donut demo I posted I had the wiiu rendering the blender monkey and it shows off the lighting pretty well

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picked up a blu-ray player from the council recycling facility.
plug it in. no remote, can't use. has a LAN port?
Port 23 is open! port 23!

I love that this is valid C and does exactly what it looks like it's doing
it's lovely
(attempt 2, fixed desc)

I keep looking at these sorts of pics from my electronics lab and thinking the waveforms should spell out like, uwu or something
they never do

saw some Extremely Floofy Chickens at a fair recently
(image cw: caged chooks)

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