I'm going to switch instances, and feather.city is unlikely to stay online after that. I'm trying to make the migration tool work so y'all *should* be moved over seamlessly, but hey, it's worth mentioning.
see @quarky

if anyone knows about the migration tool and is willing to help please hmu (XMPP, telegram, discord) because I can't figure out the "backreferencing" thing, it doesn't seem to work at all

@quarky alright, noted! so feather.city is your domain? will you be putting it up for registration by someone else?

@cadence no, it's not actually mine, or my instance! I just happen to be the sole active user. The admin said that if I'm leaving they'll take it down

@cadence the uptime of this server has been a touch shaky, and I wanna go chill with the ice types. idk I just felt like changing

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