ash "singing the alphabet multiple times to help get their reference list in the right order" tails

I'm about half done with this assignment, and my reference list at one point has
-> an article about invisibility from the oddly-named journal "critical studies on security: becoming weapon"
-> some ASEE paper about understanding the Meaning of Engineering:tm:
-> a paper about it/its pronoun use for the character of Murderbot from queer studies in media and pop culture
-> architecture: the values and benefits of nature-based architecture - biophilia

back-to-back, in that order

kink mention, bad joke 


I'm not sure why the authors of that decided to put the word "architecture" in the title twice tbh

@quarky The Architecture of Including the Word Architecture Multiple Times in the Title of Your Architecture Paper

@Dee architectural decision-making in a world of architecture books, or, titling an architectural source

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