wuh-oh I'm getting attached to this icon

@espectalll ikr? I've broken my 4-year stretch of furry icons

@quarky that's ok. it just seems like a change after knowing you with a very different avatar, ha. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm glad you've found something to represent the human you.

@cadence I don't think this'll be a permanent change, though yeah, it's nice to give the human side some love.

@quarky wow, noob! I've been doing it non-stop since 2013, the last stop was for a month, and that was the only time I didn't have a furry avatar :blobcatrainbow:

(Again, it ok, I just find it funny)

@cadence mhm
someone sent me this avi maker, thought "that's cool" and proceeded to keep thinking about it for days

@quarky we all know the horror stories of people being trapped in picrew for weeks *shudders*

@cadence *mouse hovers over picrew link* ...tell my family I love them

re: caps, birdsite bs 

@quarky It's good!! Although the collar colour isn't quite right, you know...

@heeks I-I know, I was just working with what I had access to..
and. last I checked. you collared the fluffy me, thus physical me is still free to do such things

@quarky So you're telling me physical you doesn't wanna wear my collar? That's valid, but news to me~

@heeks I'm not sure what I think
I am very deliberately keeping this Achievable and a small choker is way more on the cards than your (admittedly lovely) collar

@quarky I mean! I don't think a collar is off the table, even in the short to mid term...

But hey, I'm getting off topic here. I think you look lovely like this~
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