currently figuring out if it's worth setting up a machine for running nvidia-only vulkan apps
my best nvidia card is (iirc) a gtx 460?

me: owns a laptop with a high-spec Ryzen and a GPU that runs dolphin without breaking a sweat
decaf-emu: but it's not nvidia!

you've heard of apps that lock you into x86 platforms, now get ready for apps that lock you into a specific GPU!

next up: Ash buys a Talos and is suprised when Discord doesn't run on it

@heeks devs assumed ever card has a similar layout to nvidias; which turned out wrong so it flat-out doesn't work on amd or Intel platforms

@quarky "Yeah I was gonna do what you asked for but it turns out your keyboard isn't an HP so I'm gonna implode instead"

@quarky seriously though, why on *earth* do so many apps get locked into nvidia, it's absurd

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