I have a dream of a future where all technology is modular, easily replacable, and recyclable.

You phone screen broke? Just replace it and recycle the old one. Your laptop's getting a little slow? Replace the CPU.

This would also require a set of universal adaptors and fittings, so that everything would be compatible with everything else.

And I honestly don't feel like this is a lot to ask?

@InvaderXan opinions on EOMA68? it's probably the closest thing to that ideal I've seen so far
that and the Fairphone

Yeah, this is where the @Fairphone dream comes from too. I've had my F2 since they came out, and have replaced the case and upgraded the camera. No other issues except now we're starting to see tech progress take over - software is king because capitalism, and hardware exists purely to serve software. The Fairphone lot are doing a decent job porting to old hardware, but it's resource intensive.

@quarky @Fairphone @InvaderXan
Or, in short, drivers are hard work :) "Standards" change all the time, for good reason, and maintenance is hard. Feels like there's a compromise/balance between sustainable hardware and staying compatible with newer software, which raises interesting questions about diversity and equality.

I've no opinions, because I hadn't seen this before. Thanks, I'll take a look.

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