"huh, this site's down, lemme run it through"

so I think something has gonr very wrong

@quarky The real question is.. who's archiving the Internet Archive?

(Seems to be up here, temporary/routing?)

@digitalfox yeah, it's back up already - using it to read (v. good!)
I remember seeing something about a mirroring effort a while ago, tho I'm pretty sure they were doing the content instead of the wayback machine stuff

@quarky I remember reading that and didn't know the site went down... I'm glad there's an archive copy. And agreed, very good!

Noted on the mirroring effort. I hope more continue, for it'd be awful to lose what's on the archive if disaster struck.

@digitalfox not 100% of if the site's up, may just be my routing hiccup.
I love IA, but it definitely seems to be a single point of failure for a *lot* of digital archival. They've got loads of stuff though (some of it kinda crap) so I do wonder how feasible mirroring is for enthusiasts w/o datacenters

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