@monorail that's cute, droopy tails are 👌
mine are kinda squished up on the carseat but that's ok

@monorail it's fine I'm in the back
they go around the side of the seats when I'm in the front

@monorail home, just arrived too
gonna be havin chip sandwiches for lunch, v. good
(tails update: swishing)

@quarky nice, also i had to look up chip sandwiches because i thought "there's no way they mean putting the thing i call french fries on bread and calling it a meal" but what do you know, it's actually that

@monorail @quarky I'm not sure if you lot down under are culinarily challenged or bespoke

@Breakfast @monorail chips
on a sandwich
(it's delicious; tho the amounts of butter involved can't be healthy)

@SwooshyCueb oh you don't really see it outside of art
the trick is to feel it

@heeks omg
that's amazing, I wanna be nostalgic for "You've got Tail!"

@quarky a disappointing thing to consider: my so's workplace apparently has a dress code rule along the lines of "no tails"

i kinda wanted to work there, but no dress code in the universe is going to stop me from having a big, soft, fluffy tail

@Frinkeldoodle @quarky

Please consider this alternative:

you've got several tails

@ben @Frinkeldoodle ! that's me!
it's very good to have several tails

@Frinkeldoodle you can't just... not have a tail
that's not how it works? that dress code is furrymisia tbh

@quarky Yes, I've worked very hard editing it on~

@oct2pus @cadence some things are inevitable, *squints* catgirl.science user
seems you're well on your way hehe

@quarky My boost policy for this is the same as Holly's "socks" post:

Every time it appears on my timeline
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