huh feeling kinda gendered today, lemme just...
*reaches around back of head and pulls out DB9 from under my fur*
*lil' jolt flows through me when I plug in to the Trans Supply*

@Jo Haven't finished watching the video yet, but the computer you're lookin at is the Dragon32

@quarky Ooh, right. That vid. It's still in my recs at the mo. XD

@quarky @Jo

I thought I remembered seeing that exact port somewhere in my distant memory - a relative of mine had one back in the 1980s!

It was indeed for a mains transformer, the pinout is below (AFAIK I think there were standard linear regulators downstream of the connector to provide +5V and +/- 12 V DC )

@quarky if you POKE 1312 with 0 it outputs E and if you POKE it with 1 it outputs T

@lunaterra I've heard poking in something around 17+√2i produces a rather awesome synthetic cocktail, though I gotta admit I keep chickening out and sticking with 1

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