being non-binary is when you custom-build gender from source

@quarky it's vry important to compile ur gender with the 'gay' option enabled

@00dani ash@sylveon:~/gender$ ./configure --disable-guy --disable-gal --enable-gay --enable-bi --with-soft-spots=cuties && make install DESTDIR=/home/ash

@quarky @00dani the --disable-gay branch hasn't been maintained and I'd be surprised if it still compiles

@ben @00dani last I checked it was just a bunch of wrappers for proprietary blobs shipped by Big Society, no idea what they do

@quarky @ben @00dani I disassembled a few and what I found was mostly invalid opcodes for a different processor than they were labelled for.

@quarky @00dani
$ make gender
make: *** No rule to make target `gender'. Stop.

@quarky related: when you remove proprietary blobs from a project

@snailerotica c'mon who even thought that was a good idea, let's stub that one

You don’t have to sign the license agreement if you compile it yourself.

@quarky tfw you try to build a custom gender and accidentally install Gentoo instead...


gcc stands for gender code compiler. also, GNU stands for Genders 'n' Unix.

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