@quarky never actually seen that one but people seem to get it a lot

once again hardware devs show they don't care about anything but windows booting, essentially :S

@sascha gosh, the amount of BS this laptop has given me... didn't quite realise how committed lenovo was to *not* supporting Linux on the models without Ubuntu's stamp. gotta hack the ivrs tables and turn off the iommu to even boot, then suspend doesn't work reliably unless you downgrade the bios; and hibernate won't work at all or it'll resume on the *second* boot... it's a mess. kinda wish the BIOS layer could be more open on these machines

@quarky windows 10 essentially requires you to cripple your bios to get WHQL validation

mine even comes with a switch to turn off this insanity, but then windows 10 doesn't boot properly

@quarky @sascha Can confirm I've gotten this on my machine a lot (TPad T420)

@Whovian9369 @quarky that's funny, because my T420 doesn't have this at all
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