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c'mon, it's not the 90's anymore - you don't need to stick to web-safe genders

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being non-binary is when you custom-build gender from source

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me: oh wow, you're a cute

[flips person over to check the tag that contains their pronouns]

me: girl

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q. why does windows do [bizarre action]
a. for compatibility. to answer in more detail, we'll need to discuss a flaw in
:brain1: earlier versions of windows NT
:brain2: pre-NT windows versions
:brain3: MS-DOS before networking support had been added
:brain4: CP/M
:brain5: the discovery of electricity

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working on the windows program compatibility team must be hell on earth

cc @OCRbot

now we wait. hopefully I can work around this by tomorrow, gotta take this thing to uni and right now the battery life is not a thing that exists

> If you're in doubt, and not sure what is going on, please just file a bug and provide whatever information you feel may be appropriate. The developers will ask for more information and provide steps for you to follow.

very well KDE

should I file a bug report? I have no idea where to even start with this

also all the baloo processes are using 256GiB of vmem and I just

I don't know exactly what's wrong, but I do know that suddenly this is taking up 100% cpu all the time

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video: this guy lives in the desert and doesn't know what a rock is
me: they have rocks in the desert fuck off
spike: *stifled giggle*
me: the desert is made of tiny rocks

don't you feel like you're lookin at the future

it barely t o u c h e s the disc's surface

talk about VHD players for a bit, then drop into 15min+ of *excellent* aesthetic material

have y'all seen the latest techmoan video

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